Our Buyer Services


The real estate market has changed a great deal in the past decade. Buyers are much more involved in the entire buying process, including searching for homes on their own.

So really, why do you need a Buyer’s Agent to represent you?

First of all, there are a lot of homes for sale, but not a lot of great homes for sale. Finding, selecting and purchasing the right property requires highly specialized skill and experience.

Having lived and worked in Scottsdale for the past 15-years, I have an intimate knowledge of each neighborhood and community and work tirelessly to find the perfect property for you.

Unlike the “team” model which passes you from one team member to the next, I’m with you throughout your entire home buying process. I’ll help you find the right home, negotiate the contract, conduct home inspections and handle all of the escrow paperwork.

Why not just call the listing agent on the For Sale Sign?

If you simply call the listing agent on the “For Sale” sign and decide to make an offer on that home, you are now negotiating with the seller’s agent. Their job is to get the highest price possible for their seller, not to help you find the best deal.

By working with me before you begin your home search; you’ll have someone looking out for your interests throughout the entire home buying process.

My professional services are FREE to you, and include:

 Scheduling showings even if the home is “For Sale By Owner.”

 Creating a custom online portal for you to automatically receive, view and save new listings.

 Providing an exclusive Watson Fine Properties mobile application for you to view homes and schedule showings right from your smartphone.

 Providing up-to-the-minute property sales data to assist you with writing the purchase offer and negotiating final terms.

 Professionally represent you at all home inspections and negotiate repairs on your behalf.

 Assisting with the loan process, reviewing escrow documents and ensuring all paperwork is properly completed to ensure an on time and successful