Buying Process Overview


Finding the perfect property and negotiating the terms of your home sale is only the beginning.

In order to ensure your home successfully closes escrow, there are a number of steps I will help walk you through:

Escrow: Once your offer is accepted, the first thing we do is open escrow with a title company. The title company will manage all documents related to your home sale until the home closes escrow.

Seller Disclosure: Sellers are required to fill out what is known as a Seller Disclosure Statement (or SPDS) to disclose all known property defects.

Buyer Inspection Period: All real estate contracts allow the buyer a 10-day inspection period to conduct a thorough inspection of a seller’s property.

Request for Repairs: After the home inspection, we will present the seller with a request for home repairs to which the seller then responds. We then negotiate repairs based on their response.

The lender will order an appraisal to confirm the home’s value meets or exceeds the agreed purchase price.

Title Documents: I will review all title documents from the title company to ensure that the seller actually owns the property in question, and that there are no outstanding liens.

Loan Process:
The #1 reason homes fall out of escrow is due to buyer financing. I will keep close tabs on the lender to ensure everything is running smoothly with your loan.

Close of Escrow:
Whew! We’re finally here. It’s the day escrow closes! By now you’ve signed all of your documents and we’ve conducted our final property walkthrough. It’s now time to hand you the keys. This is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Welcome home!